Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GNU Gatekeeper 3.6

Version 3.6 of the GNU gatekeeper has been released.

Please download the source code from

This version contains support for Polycom's domain##alias addressing, a
new policy to route by URI prefix, better config checking, fixes for
H.460.19 port detection and a number of other bugfixes and smaller

I'm trying to cut down on the time I have to spend on each release, so
I will only provide executable to support client for this version.

Please follow these instructions to compile GnuGk yourself:

Full change log:
  • support Polycom's domain##alias addressing in DNS policy
  • new command line switch: --strict (don't start with config errors)
  • new routing policy [Routing::URIService] to define service specific URI routing policy.
  • allow SendTo= without AlternateGKs= switch
  • new switch [EP::...] ForceGateway=1 to treat an endpoint as a gateway
  • new switch [EP::...] AddCallingPartyToSourceAddress=1
  • new switch [EP::...] DisableCallCreditCapabilities=1
  • verify the correct payloadType on H.460.19 keep-alive packets (disable with [Proxy] CheckH46019KeepAlivePT=0)
  • support libssh 0.6.x
  • BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix memory leak on TLS errors
  • BUGFIX(RasTbl.cxx) use 64bit numbers for AddNumbers= ranges
  • BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx) fill destCallSignallAddress in answer ACF in direct mode
  • BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx) fix callSignalPort in LCF when H.460.22 is enabled
  • BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) read ProxyHandlerHighPrio switch earlier
  • BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) wait 4 sec before using regular RTP packets for H.460.19 port detection
  • BUGFIX(gk.cxx) small fixes for MacOSX