Monday, February 26, 2024

New release of PTLib

I have just bundeled up the changes and bug fixes of the past 2 years and released PTLib

Most notable in this release is working IPv6 on *BSD, macOSX and Solaris as well as support for newer compilers and many small platform fixes.

Since PTLib is the foundation for the GNU Gatekeeper and many H323Plus projects, all these improvements get propagated into those projects as well.

- IPv6 support fixed for *BSD, macOSX and Solaris
- support for newer compiler, eg. gcc 13 and VS2022
- support for C++-17
- support for Win64 builds
- support AIX as platform
- small OpenBSD fixes
- other small fixes

Download from

Monday, February 19, 2024

GNU Gatekeeper 5.12 released

 GNU Gatekeeper version 5.12 has been released.


This is a bug fix release with a few new features added.

Another important bug in the handling of the ExternalIP switch has been fixed as well as Y2K38 issues.

This release also adds features:

  • support for Oracle databases
  • easier cloud deployment with IP detection with STUN
  • better load scaling by mixing proxied with direct mode endpoints in a single gatekeeper
  • Windows 64bit executables with VS2022

Full list of changes:
  • enable more runtime hardening flags from OpenSSF recommendation 11/2023
  • fix bug with H.245 address when using ExternalIP= switch without H.460.18/.19
  • auto-detect public IP with ExternalIP=STUN and
  • compiler support for VS2022
  • new database driver for Oracle and new timestamp format 'Oracle'
  • new switch [EP::xxx] ForceDirectMode=1 to handle all calls from this endpoint in direct mode
  • BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx, gkauth.cxx) make sure time_t is handled unsigned to avoid Y2K38 issue
  • BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) check for too small packets when acting as encryption proxy