Thursday, April 5, 2018

GNU Gatekeeper 4.9 released

This version has new features and a few bug fixes. You can  download it from

Whats new ?

We have 2 new accounting modules: HtttpAcct and AMQPAcct that allow
you to send accounting events via HTTP GET or POST to a web service
or push them into a RabbitMQ queue.

There are also many new accounting placeholders that you can use with
any of the accounting modules and there is a new accounting event
'reject' to track calls rejected with ARJ that went unnoticed before.

The new RTP inactivity checking allows you to drop calls if there
wasn't any RTP activity for a defined amount of time.

GeoIP authentication has been significantly updated to support all
RAS and all Q.931 messages and to support the new Maxmind database
format (GeoIP2).

There were also a few bug fixes:
  • fix crash while handling RTP packets
  • fix disconnecting unregistered endpoints
  • fix crash in some Avaya endpoints when receiving GCF with a gatekeeperIdentifier
  • fix crash when using IPv6
  • fix handling of CloseLogicalChannel