Monday, March 18, 2019

GNU Gatekeeper 5.2 released

This release that has a rewritten networking implementation (aka
"large-fdset") that allows GnuGk to scale to higher numbers of calls
per server than previous versions.

This new implementation replaces the old hack to extend the select()
system call by using poll() which enables GnuGk to handle huge numbers
of sockets at the same time. The new implementation also works on
Windows, but has been tested mostly on the different Unix versions we

Please note that the relevant configure option when comping GnuGk
source code has changed to --enable-large-fdset. There is no need to
specify a maximum number of sockets any more.

This release also has a few bug fixes, eg. for using LUA scripts with
shared libraries and for memory leaks in the error handling of H.235
password authentication.

Whats new ?
  • re-implement LARGE_FDSET using poll(), enable with configure option --enable-large-fdset
  • ExternalIP is automatically added to the default domains
  • support running LUA scripts that require dynamic libraries
  • change default for [TLS] CipherList= to allow elliptical curve ciphers
  • BUGFIX(gkauth.h) fix memory leak in H.235 password auth
  • BUGFIX(gkacct.cxx) set known, but unavailable accounting parameters to empty string
  • BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix setting UDP source IP on Windows when compiled for Vista or higher

You can download it from