Monday, January 20, 2014

Whats new in GnuGk 3.5 ? Part 2: Language based routing and support for H.323v8

GnuGk 3.5 includes support for routing of calls based on the language signaled by the caller and called party. For example you can route calls to to different agents based on the caller language.

If you use the 'sql' or 'forwarding' routing policy for example, you now have the an additional variable available %{language} that you can use to select the agent matching the incoming call the best.

To use this feature, you'll need endpoints that will signal the language. Language support was introduced in H.323v6. To make full use of this feature, you'll need endpoints supporting the upcoming H.323v8 which further improves on the language capabilities. GnuGk 3.5 supports H.323v8.

Starting with H.323v8, you also have the ability to let GnuGk 3.5 assign endpoints a language. That way you don't have to configure each endpoint individually. Use the [AssignedLanguage::SQL] section do do so.

To add language information to your LRQs to other gatekeepers, switch on the EnableLanguageRouting switch:


BTW: If you have your own endpoints based on H323Plus, you should enable the language feature now, its really simple.