Friday, January 4, 2019

GNU Gatekeeper 5.1 is out

The main new feature in this release is H.245 multiplexing.
Together with the long supported RTP multiplexing it allows GnuGk to handle a large amount of concurrent calls from H.460 endpoints using just 5 ports total.

Whats new ?
  • support for H.245 multiplexing with H.460.18: [RoutedMode] EnableH245Multiplexing=1, H245MultiplexPort=1722
  • improved interop with Lifesize Icon (H.235), Scopia VC240 (H.460.18) and Yealink Mobile (H.239 and H.460.19)
  • improved detection of neighbor gatekeeper availability
  • public IP detection for Google Cloud
  • new feature to let GnuGk send an event if port detection fails

Bug fixes:

  • allow ommitting Host= switch in Neighbor section for H.460.18 clients
  • fix sending of queued H.245 messages
  • update RAS port when NAT mapping for H.460.18 endpoint changes
  • fix H.245 tunneling translation with H.460.18 endpoints
  • always send genericIndication to traversal server gatekeeper
  • don't include 'bearer service changed' in keep-alive Notify
  • fix building Status and StatusInquiry keep-alives
  • fix check for librabbitmq
  • Solaris 11 compile fix
  • better OLC sessionType matching (fix for Yealink H.239)
  • fix handling aliases of type email_ID
You can download it from