Friday, July 10, 2015

GNU Gatekeeper 3.9 released

I am pleased to announce a new release of the GNU Gatekeeper,
version 3.9, now available from

This release includes source code suitable for Linux, Windows, MacOS X,
FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris and executables for Linux.

Whats new in GnuGk 3.9 ?

  • bug fixes, including a crash and hanging status port on Windows servers
  • a new IP/port detection algorithm for endpoints behind NAT that works  well even with unregistered (!) endpoint
  • neighbor pings to speed up call routing if your neighbors are frequently down
  • geo-blocking: with the GeoIPAuth policy, you can allow or block calls based on the location of the IP
  • status port event back log: When you connect to the status port to diagnose an issue, the relevant events are already gone. With this new feature you can tell GnuGk to save the last n events and show them later on. This way you can take a look at eg. the last 100 failed registrations etc.
  • QoS DiffServ marking for RAS, H.225 and H.245 messages (based on patch provided by Vidyo) Now you can set the DiffServ class for signaling messages. Previously you could only mark RTP packets.
  • support for H.235.TSSM: H.235 needs time synchronization between gatekeeper and endpoints and the proposed H.235.TSSM standard provides a means for endpoints to detect that they are not in sync with the gatekeeper and apply a time offset.