Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Celebrating 20 Years of GnuGk

20 years

20 years ago, in June 1999, I released the first version of the GNU Gatekeeper. Back then we still called it "OpenH323 Gatekeeper".

The first version was very simple and only supported RAS and what we call 'direct mode' today, but it still seems useful to people and within a year it grew into a tool that people used in production.

I quit my day job in 2003 to work full time on GnuGk and it has feed the family ever since. I am still amazed how well it works to give software away for free. How many people and companies contribute and give feedback and how many are willing to pay for support or new

I want to thank everybody who used it, provided feedback, bug fixes and ideas to make it into the great software that it is today!

We are not stopping here, the next release is already underway with many improvements and new features. Watch for it!

Happy Birthday GnuGk!