Thursday, July 22, 2021

GNU Gatekeeper 5.8 released

GNU Gatekeeper version 5.8 has been released with a number of bug fixes and a few new features.

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Improved interoperability with:

  • EdgeProtect
  • Avaya

 New features:

  • experimental support for Avaya's non-standard version of H.323 (./configure --enable-avaya) (thanks Konstantin Prokazov)
  • consider RFC 6598 shared network space ( and Zeroconf ( as private IPs
  • new switch [Proxy] AllowSignaledIPsFrom= to skip auto-detect for messages received directly from certain IPs when IgnoreSignaledIPs=1
  • new switch [Proxy] AllowAnyRTPSourcePortForH239From= to handle incorrect RTCP addresses in H.239 OLC (EdgeProtect interop)
  • new switch [RoutedMode] MatchH239SessionsByIDOnly= to never attempt to match a H.239 reverse channel by type for improved interoperability with EdgeProtect
  • new switches to set the HTTP Content-Type header in HttpAcct, HttpPasswordAuth and Routing::Http
  • new switch [Routing::Http] JSONResponse=1 to send more flexible routing data in the HTML reponses
  • many new status port shortcuts (see manual section for details)

Bug fixes:

  • fix H.460.18/.19 on multi-homed servers
  • fix race condition when handling H.460.19 multiplex IDs
  • fix media loop on half port-detected channel when media is very early
  • fix Net-SNMP query for total bandwidth
  • save RTCP address from OLC for port-detection
  • always check AllowSignaledIPs= before applying IgnoreSignaledAllH239IPs or IgnoreSignaledPrivateH239IPs
  • handle extensions and CSRC in RTP header with H.235 half-call media
  • better endpointIDs on Windows when compiling without OpenSSL