Monday, February 20, 2023

GNU Gatekeeper 5.11 released

GNU Gatekeeper version 5.11 has been released.


This is a bug fix release with a few new features added.

An important bug in the handling of the ExternalIP switch has been fixed.

We also added a few features that make it easier to use GnuGk with Graphana and InfluxDB monitoring.

Changes and additions:

  • remove non-working command line switch -e / --externalip, use config file to set ExternalIP
  • new accounting variables %{registrations}, %{calls}, %{total-calls}, %{successful-calls}, %{allocated-bandwidth}
  • new switch [HttpAcct] Authorization= to send authorization headers to support InfluxDB
  • replace \r and \n in HttpAcct body with carriage return and line feed characters
  • new switch: [RasSrv::LRQFeatures] PreserveDestination=1 (helpful when calling Pexip servers)